Batch is king...

We began making batch brews at Cairngorm Coffee in March when we realised just how stunning single origins can taste this way. It fits perfectly with our ethos of offering coffee with clarity and sweetness which previously had suffered the misfortune of the long drawn out process required to hand pour drip filters.  Using our batch brew however, we can expose clean, acidic and balanced flavours which can be served up almost instantly.

These days, this gets us really excited. So excited in fact that we're bringing the #25DaysofBatchBrew concept to both our shops during the advent period!

From 30th November to 24th December we'll be showcasing a different coffee each day. By Christmas you could have tried highly graded coffee from 8 different countries, from 13 different varietals with 4 different processes. If that hasn't convinced you, check below to see the first 5 days.

Roaster The Barn Location Berlin, Germany 

13/12 : Nano Challa, Ethiopia - Washed - Mixed Heirloom, Native 1274 : Peach, Vanilla & Jasmine.

12/12 : Los Pirineos, El Salvador - Washed - Pacamara : Tropical Fruit & Black Grape.

Talking about their coffee, 'The Barn' say, "We chose our beans for quality, cleanliness, sustainability and traceability. We only buy fresh, seasonal crop. It is one of our principles to treasure the value chain from crop to cup. This is the only way for all participants to benefit and to identify with a high value product.

We believe in a strong connection between farmer, roaster, barista and our customers. It is our responsibility to share knowledge about coffee and to stay near people we work with."

Roaster Assembly Location London, England 

11/12 : Ruarai, Kenya - Washed - SL28, SL34 : Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Rhubarb & Grapefruit. 

10/12 : Santa Teresa, Panama - Natural - Caturra, Catuai : Rum & Raisin, Honey, Tropical Fruit & Pineapple.

Assembly is a London based coffee roasting company, which recognises independent cafes as an invaluable source of insight into the coffee drinkers they serve. They work in collaboration with the owners and operators of independent cafes to offer coffees of uncompromising quality and to develop forward thinking approaches to café culture.

Roaster Coffee Collective Location Copenhagen, Denmark 

09/12 : Kieni, Kenya - Washed, Dried on Sun Beds - SL28, SL34 : Blackcurrant, Blackberry & Mandarin. 

08/12 : Kochere, Ethiopia - Washed - Heirloom : Peach, Bergamot & Lychee.



Talking about their coffee, 'Coffee Collective' say, "we buy nothing but extremely clean, sweet and aromatic coffees, and roast them lightly in order to highlight their natural taste. Every single coffee is always our starting point; we roast each individual one in order to enhance its own unique qualities."

Roaster Five Elephant Location Berlin, Germany 

07/12 : Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia - Washed - Heirloom : Magnolia, Plum, Citric Acidity. 

06/12 : Kamwangi AA, Kenya - Washed & Double Soaked - SL24, SL34, Ruiru : Blueberry, Peach & Vanilla.

Talking about their coffee, Five Elephant say, "transparency is at the core of our values and we think there should be a clear understanding of the journey that coffee takes from the farm to your cup. Through this openness we hope to create sustainable partnerships with farms from year to year. We don’t just visit our partners at origin, but work to understand their processes, from cultivation to preparation. We are committed to innovation and will never stop working to improve the coffee that we source and roast, including our relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee. Our belief is that by opening up this coffee conversation, we can share some great coffee in a way we can be proud of.

Roaster Climpson & Sons Location London, England 

05/12 : La Esperanza, Guatemala - Washed - Bourbon, Caturra : Toffee Apple, Quince & Macadamia. 

04/12 : La Cabana, El Salvador - Washed & Double Soaked - Bourbon, Pacas : Macadamia, Toffee & Pear.

Talking about their coffee, William & Johnson say, "With an intense focus on sourcing unique and exciting coffees we are inspired to take equal care in our approach to roasting. All of our coffee is roasted on our environmentally friendly Loring SmartRoast S35 where our objective is to evenly develop each coffee’s inherent sweetness, highlighting clarity and balance. With the latest in roasting technology and rigorous quality control process we are able to articulate and pursue our desired flavour profile with accuracy and consistency."

Roaster William & Johnson Location Edinburgh, Scotland

03/12 : Mbirizi Lot 7, Burundi - Washed - Heirloom : Raspberry Coulis & Chocolate Mousse.

02/12 : Yacuanquer, Colombia - Washed - Caturra, Castillo : Milk Chocolate, Currants & Candied Orange.

Talking about their coffee, William & Johnson say, "We are a couple of geeks who know coffee. Our passion is in sharing beautiful coffees. We think coffee is a very special treat and that every cup should be worth it. It's a pleasure for us to taste heaps of new harvest coffees from around the globe and build our offering out of only exceptional coffees, produced by people who really care. We love for coffee to be at its best and want it to be appreciated as the delicious treat that it is."

Roaster Good Life Location Helsinki, Finland 

01/11 : El Recuerdo, Guatemala - Washed - Bourbon : Sweet & Lively, Red Berries.

30/11 : Kaguimoni, Kenya - Washed - SL28, Batian, Ruiru 11 : Juicy & Fresh, Red Currants.

Talking about their coffee, Good Life say "our idea of good coffee is simple: carefully selected high­ grade beans combined with precise procedures and a no ­bullshit take on roasting and brewing. Instead of a well ­trimmed romantic re­enactment of the artesian 19th century, our coffee is bang on the now. Honest and uncompromising."

We have big expectations for December to be a fun and engaging experience for our customers and hope that it can generate a bit of buzz about drinking coffee around Christmas time without a hint of the 'Eggnog Latte'.


We'll be releasing news on the next batch of great coffees in the next few days...