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Start date before September 1st.

A rare opportunity to take control of our food offerings at Cairngorm Coffee. Food is an integral part of the puzzle for us and something that we are very passionate about. We believe it should always be fresh, focussed and seasonal. We are looking for someone to continue to push our menu in this direction taking control to develop ideas and ensure consistent results.

Successful applicants should be obsessed with presentation and have a real flare for taste. They must have a decent grasp of allergens and how to cater for customers with particular dietary requirements. Your role will involve planning menus week to week to ensure a variety of options that lean on the seasons as they change.

Aside from taking sole responsibility for food you will also work in the shop serving customers and making menu items that need preparation on request. This can be a fun role which rewards those who like to take control and gives the freedom to explore ideas. 

Our prep kitchen does not allow for the cooking of food items and therefore lateral thinking can be required. As such this job is better suited to someone with a real passion for food but not necessarily someone with chef experience.

In this role you will be:

  • Organised with the ability to think ahead to ensure menus are ready and prepared allowing for stock to have been received in good time.
  • Understand stock control and be able to utilise ingredients with minimal wastage.
  • A clean freak.
  • Friendly, approachable and hard working.
  • Happy to meet regularly to discuss plans with the shop manager and take on board advice and ideas from them alongside your own.
  • Proud of your presentation.
  • Eating out a lot to view current trends and combinations that inspire you within the workplace.

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This is an hourly, full time role which will be discussed with candidates upon application.


Start date before September 1st.

We are looking for a candidate who is not only a capable barista but has the natural skills to lead and organise small teams within a coffee shop environment. You will always lead by example, working hard yourself to encourage the motivation of others. 

Aside from working shifts yourself, you will take responsibility for arranging shifts via a ROTA system, ensure that tasks are being completed to an appropriate level and nurture the staff to keep a happy atmosphere at work.

In this role you will be:

  • Able to work under pressure, long hours and feel accomplished when the shop is busy.
  • Comfortable guiding teams of people in a direction with an optimistic outlook.
  • A skilled barista capable of working busy shifts in a specialty coffee environment.
  • Calm and understanding when dealing with customer complaints and exude a professional approach to helping customers in general.
  • Presentable.
  • Excited to help steer the success of a small but growing business.
  • Able to meet with other managers and food roles to implement changes, progression and plans on a regular basis and work hard to motivate others within the team to successfully execute these.

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This is a full time role which will be discussed with candidates upon application.

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