Batch is king...

We began making batch brews at Cairngorm Coffee in March last year when we realised just how stunning single origins can taste this way. It fits perfectly with our ethos of offering coffee with clarity and sweetness which previously had suffered the misfortune of the long drawn out process required to hand pour drip filters.  Using our batch brew however, we can expose clean, juicy and balanced flavours which can be served up almost instantly.

In December last year this drove us to try the mammoth task of offering up 25 different coffees from 13 different roasters. This year is no different and on the 30th November we will be kicking this off yet again. We have some really exciting coffee's lined up for you and will list them below the day before they are available so you can check them out one at a time in true advent calendar style!


So what exactly is batch brew and how will this work?

Batch Brew essentially is the process of brewing coffee in large batches. We do this 1 Litre at a time to ensure there is always some available for you but not too much that it's always fresh. Just like in our preparation for espresso, we still weigh in all the coffee and water we use to brew, however we can save time by doing this every few coffees for the batch instead of every time for espresso.

This time saved allows us to serve you quicker and reduce the price without reducing the quality of the cup.

Winner, Winner, Batch Brew Dinner!

Tag your pics on Instagram in December with #25DaysofBatchBrew and we'll pick a winner every week to win 3 bags of coffee that we've featured that week.


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So scroll below to see what you'll be drinking today!


Roaster Chipp Coffee Co. Location Edinburgh, Scotland

30/11 : Shyira, Rwanda - Washed - Red Bourbon : Pineapple, Lemon & Jasmine..


Do you think that Batch Brew coffee has gained in popularity in Scotland recently?

"We’ve seen from batch brewer sales and talking to coffee shops that the consumer is becoming more aware of it now and that they can get a really good product, much quicker and much more consistently.

I think batch brew has had this weird black cloud over it for a while because of what people used to be used to from terrible conference room coffee or the stuff that gets left on a hot plate for hours on end. There is a whole different side to it with third wave and people are now becoming to accept it again. "

- Zach Chipp, Founder

Roaster Obadiah Location Edinburgh, Scotland

01/12 : Las Lajas, Costa Rica - Natural - Caturra, Catuai : Vanilla, Honey & Cream.

02/12 : Santa Marina, Nicaragua - Red Honey - Catuai : Lychee, Nectarine & Honey.

obadiah 25.jpeg

Do you think black coffee is becoming more common place?

"We were serving Chemex's at the Edinburgh Coffee Festival. We were then transferring the brews into large urns and serving customers straight from the urns. I actually didn't have anyone hesitate to try the coffee black, there were no comments about the absence of milk on the table and it all felt very normal.

Obviously people could see I was brewing on a Chemex, but I think as home brewing becomes more popular, people are becoming very familiar with drinking black coffee. There's also an increasing understanding that adding milk to a delicate brew will cloud the coffees natural characteristics."

- Sam Young, Founder

Roaster Has Bean Location Stafford, England

03/12 : La Chorrera, Colombia - Washed - Varietal? : White Grape, Green Apple & Kiwi

04/12 : La Casa, Costa Rica - Yellow Honey - Heirloom : Single Cream & Mandarin Segments

dale 25.jpg

What is your view on Batch Brew? 

"For me, whilst espresso and milk drinks make up the bulk of what most quality focussed cafes serve, brewed coffee is really the place where great coffees shine. Without anything else to get in the way it provides the best opportunity to really taste how different soils, varieties and processing methods result in flavour changes

Bulk brewing, when treated with the same care and attention as a hand crafted cup, actually offers more control and nuance to the brewing process with the additional benefit that cup quality is often much more repeatable and in line with the baristas intentions."

- Dale Harris, World Barista Champion

Roaster Fortitude Location Edinburgh, Scotland

05/12 : Miko, Rwanda - Washed - Bourbon : Red Apple, Berries & Melon

06/12 : Diima, Ethiopia - Natural - Heirloom : Lemon Sherbet, Bergamot, Earl Grey


Awaiting Fortitude Content.

Roaster La Cabra Location Aarhus, Denmark 

07/12 : Shembati, Burundi - Washed -  Bourbon Hierloom : Raspberry Jam & Rosehip.

08/12 : Las Palmas, Colombia - Lactic - Caturra, Catuai, Colombia : Blueberry, Cream & Vanilla

lacabra 25.jpg


What is your opinion of Batch Brew coffee?

"Through our experiences batch brew can taste equally as good as any other filter brew method. It’s approachable and easy to work with.

We appreciate the craftsmanship of manual brewing, however automated brew methods simply allow us to reach higher levels of consistency, greater efficiency and focus squarely on engaging with our customers and conveying the taste of a coffee."

- Esben Piper, La Cabra

Roaster Machina Location Edinburgh, Scotland

09/12 : El Carmen, Panama - Natural - Caturra : Banana, Cherry, Tangy Red Apple & Tropical.

10/12 : Gachatha AA, Kenya - Washed - SL28, Ruiru 11 : Red Grapefruit, Melon & Tart Apple.


Awaiting Machina Content.

Roaster The Barn Location Berlin, Germany 

11/12 : Nano Challa, Ethiopia - Washed - Mixed Heirloom, Native 1274 : Nectarine & Jasmine.

12/12 : Los Chorros, Honduras - Washed - Catuai : Dark Berries & Cacao Nibs.

barn 25.jpg

What do you think about the future of Specialty Coffee and where Batch Brew will sit within this?

"The only way to create sustainable farming is to pay a premium price for premium qualities. In return for the hard work that was put into every coffee we roast, we get exciting flavours and a memorable experience for every customer we serve.

To me batchbrew offers a much better cup than any stretched espresso / long black. Our roast profiles for batch brew bring out more delicate taste notes. The brews have a lot of depth and texture. Generally speaking: If you put great coffee in, great coffee will come out - no matter which brew method." 

Ralf Rüller, Founder


Roaster Five Elephant Location Berlin, Germany 

13/12 : El Soccoro, Guatemala - Dry De-Pulped - Marracaturra : Blueberries, Jasmine & Milk Chocolate.

14/12 : Adado, Ethiopia - Washed - Heirloom : Orange Blossom, Brown Sugar & Nectarine.

  by Ryan Hursh

by Ryan Hursh

What are your customers attitudes to black coffee in Berlin?

"I definitely think that customers appreciate black coffee a lot more than a few years ago when the whole specialty coffee thing was still pretty new to the city. You have to take into account that traditionally most Germans think about batch brew when talking about black coffee, because automatic drip machines are pretty common in German kitchens, and offices. So when shops started offering hand brewed filter coffee, often people didn’t wanna try it, because they thought of the bitter brew that’s been sitting on a heating plate for ages. Over recent years awareness has grown a lot though, and people seek places out to get filter. 

Batch brew takes the waiting time of hand brews away, and therefore is attractive, especially on busy days, or when guests want a take away. At the same time batch brews are still kind of new to the Berlin scene (even though more and more shops offer them even instead of manually brewed filters), so you occasionally have coffee enthusiasts who specifically look for hand brews, but I believe getting a filter coffee overall is a lot more convenient for most people."

Julius Stiebert, Education & Training

Roaster Williams & Johnston Location Edinburgh, Scotland

15/12 : El Huaco, Peru - Washed - Bourbon, Caturra, Typica : Apricot, Honeycomb, Tinned Pineapple & Lavendar

16/12 : Musasa Mbilima, Rwanda - Washed - Red Bourbon : ?


Awaiting William and Johnson content.


Roaster Assembly Location London, England

17/12 : Don Nacho, El Salvador - Honey - Pacamara : Sweet Tropical Fruit & Citrus Acidity.

18/12 : La Claudina, Colombia - Natural - Colombia, Castillo : Super Sweet Stone Fruit.


"The independent specialty industry is losing - not gaining - ground against the chains. Superior taste isn’t immediately evident, if you don’t already know about coffee, but wait times are. Competition and the pressure to be efficient is more intense than ever before and the consumer’s perspective needs to be a HUGE focus.

The obvious umbrella benefit for adopting a greater degree of automation is that it will mean more people, with less experience, can serve better coffee to more consumers. It also potentially provides opportunities for more differentiated cafe experiences, innovations and diversification. Less time making coffee means more time to ‘serve’ it.

We’re not competitive against the chains. The coffee is better, yes, but the wait times, the stress in having to navigate a menu while a busy barista is immersed in their craft is not. You need only look at the McDonald’s advertisement earlier this year to validate this. Adopting super automation means the service of specialty coffee would immediately be equally efficient and the chains could finally be truly challenged."

- Nick Mabey, Co-Founder & Head of Quality

Roaster Good Life Coffee Location Helsinki, Finland

19/12 : Awaiting Coffee Info.

20/12 : Awaitign Coffee Info.

Good Life 25.jpg

How important is filter coffee in FInland compared to Espresso based?

"Finland is very much a filter coffee country like other Nordic countries.

In our shop it's about 50/50 filter vs espresso and almost all filter coffee is made by our Fetco Batch Brewer with some Aeropress in the mix."

- Samuli Ronkanen, Founder


Roaster Good Coffee Cartel Location Glasgow, Scotland

21/12 : Warquee, Ethiopia - Washed - Heirloom : Bergamot, Lemon & Cherry.

22/12 : Excelso, Colombia - Washed - Caturra, Typica : Caramel, Honey & Hazelnut.


What are your feelings about Batch Brew?

"We’re big fans of it - I think it’s a really inclusive way to serve coffee.

Uncomplicated, unpretentious and often very delicious. It’s a good way to bring people in to that side of coffee."

- Todd Whiteford, Founder


Roaster Cairngorm Coffee Location Edinburgh, Scotland

23/12 : Gidey, Ethiopia - Washed - Heirloom : Bergamot, Lemon & Peach.

24/12 : Los Pirineos, El Salvador - Natural - Red Bourbon : Banana, Brown Sugar & Tropical Fruits.


What is your opinion of Batch Brew?

"Batch Brew is so important to our business and something that we've been so keen to showcase over the past couple of years. There's no doubt that hand brewed coffee is delicious, but it is the consistency and speed available with batch brew that has allowed us to begin to increase sales of black coffee.

It's with this black coffee that we can expose the ultimate sweetness and clarity of the coffee."

- Robi Lambie, Founder

Thank you for your interest in our project. We it can generate a bit of buzz about drinking coffee around Christmas time without a hint of a 'Eggnog Latte'.