Why do we launch clothes? - Spring/Summer 2019

It always strikes us as funny really. Seeing people wearing our logo or enquiring about when new t-shirts will be available. I suppose it shouldn’t really as it’s been a goal of ours from day one to make it a part of what we do.

It started when I was living in Thurso in the far reaches of Scotland. It’s probably most famous for its cracking waves and its nuclear power plant, as well as it’s impeccable views and the best people. I didn’t surf so I had to find other ways to occupy my mind at the weekends.

I’d played in bands growing up and found great appreciation for printed merchandising. There was a sort of pride in sharing something you’d created with an audience in that format. With that in mind, a housemate and I decided one evening to design a tee and some hats to sell to some friends. We were learning how to use programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and thought it would be a fun passion project. Shifting parcels from our dining table to mates around the UK was a lot of fun and was a memory that I took with me into the Cairngorm Coffee project.

Cairngorm Lookbook D610 select-0245.jpg

Fast forward almost five years and we’re really excited to launch a collection of threads. The ‘Contour’ concept has been with us almost since day one. Original artwork for logos hinted at the map concept, the altitude lines connecting the dots between the Cairngorms and the farms where our coffee is grown.

We revisited it again when we were exploring our retail coffee designs, instead opting for simplicity with the yellow bags. We knew we wanted this to be a part of our branding and enlisted the help of our friend Tyrone Stoddart who had done great work with our friends at Cult Espresso, among many others. He managed to piece together the lines representative of the actual Cairngorm mountains and it made sense to launch this on our favourite format - clothes.

You can pick these up in store from tomorrow (2nd March) and online now. If you subscribed previously you’ll have a discount waiting in your inbox, so take advantage of it and get yourself kitted out for the Scottish spring/summer.

Cairngorm Lookbook D610 select-0075.jpg
Cairngorm Lookbook D750 select-7798.jpg

Thanks tons for all of your support over the years. Those that have bought a sweater, a tee, a tote or even printed notebooks have really enriched our feeling of community. We feel really, really blessed and hope you like the new drop as much as we do.

Robi Lambie