We are currently serving coffee roasted by ourselves in the Cairngorms, and Obadiah Collective. You can find a little more information below about these.

el espino.jpeg

Espresso at Frederick St & Melville Pl  Roasted by Cairngorm Coffee

El Espino, Costa Rica


Villa Sarchi, Sarchimor, Caturra

1500-1600 masl

Demera Sugar, Caramelised Pear, Red Grape, Nougat

This microlot was processed using only the cherries harvested at peak maturation. The collectors then paid a higher price per cajuela to ensure the best quality. The coffee was then pulped using a depulper with a proportion of the honey being kept to and dried on raised beds in the sunshine. The coffee would then be carefully monitored and moved regularly until it reaches a moisture level of 11%.

santa maria.jpg

Espresso at Melville Place              Roasted by Obadiah Collective

Santa Maria, Nicaragua

Red Honey


1550 masl

Lychee, Juicy Nectarine, Honey                  

The farmer has been dedicated to preserving the natural habitat on his farm, which is recognised as a main factor in the production of his fantastic coffee. Of the 80 hectares of available arable land, 40 have been set aside for the sole purpose of maintaining and improving this. This micro lot produces a very sweet and extremely well balanced cup. 


Batch Brew at Melville Place              Roasted by Cairngorm Coffee

Luz Y Sombra, Nicaragua



1250 masl

Green Apple, Caramel, Strawberry Liquorice               

All of the coffee on this 21 hectare farm is shade grown, under guava trees, which fill the air with a wonderful perfumed fruit aroma and contribute to the unique cup profile of coffees from this farm. The farm has competed in the cup of excellence twice, placing 9th in 2014 and 20th in 2015.