Adado is a washing station located in the Yirgacheffe growing region which services around 450 smallholder producers.  

Washed processing at Adado follows the traditional Ethiopian methods. An initial cherry screening through flotation and a visual check holds back unwanted cherries. The depulper tears off the cherry skin and some mucilage. Next, the coffee ferments under water for 36 to 72 hours. In this period, the water is changed 3 times. Once the mucilage has broken down sufficiently, the coffee is released into the washing channel.

We taste Bergamot, Zesty Orange, Black Tea, Peach, Apricot & Watermelon. There is a lingering tart acidity reminiscent of Green Apple, with subtle florals throughout.

Process: Washed
Altitude: 1780-1860

Varietal: Hierloom
Region: Yirgacheffe

Origin: Ethiopia
Producer: 450 Smallholders

 Bags hold 250g of whole bean coffee. We recommend letting your coffee rest for at least 4 days prior to brewing. We ship on Thursdays.

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