Boji is a washing station located in the Kochere region. It services around 500 local smallholder producers.

Natural processing at the Boji station follows traditional Ethiopian methods. An initial cherry screening through flotation and a visual check holds back unwanted cherries. Boji is equipped with sorting tables and floating tanks to monitor the cherry quality at intake. The collection agent oversees the quality of the cherries before processing. For the natural coffees, they dump the cherries in a flotation tank first to clean off any dirt. Only the cherries that sink are accepted for the high qualities. Floaters are kept aside for separate processing for lower grades.

After cleaning, the workers carry the cherries straight to the drying field. They spread the cherries in a single layer and stir them twice an hour. During this phase, it is easy to pick out any damaged cherries that made it through the initial selection. After a few days, they increase the thickness of the layer to slow down the drying a little. Total drying time can take up to three weeks under cloudy conditions, or two weeks with many sunny days.

We taste Blackcurrant, Tropical, Blueberry, Banana Split, Dark Chocolate & Lime with a Marshmallow sweetness. There is a muted cherry acidity with body reminiscent of alcoholic spiked double cream.

Altitude: 2100-2300

Varietal: Heirloom
Region: Kochere

Origin: Ethiopia
Producer: Boji Washing Station - 500 Smallholders

Bags hold 250g of whole bean coffee. We recommend letting your coffee rest for at least 4 days prior to brewing. We ship on Thursdays.

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