Marvin Vargas comes from a family with a rich history in coffee. The land he cultivates has been in the family for more than 150 years and played a significant role in the Nicaraguan civil war as hideout for the contras when attacking the road between Jinotega and the valley. The surrounding farms are all part of these mountains which have been split up among the family decades ago. The history of this farm, La Esquinita (the corner), starts with Marvin growing up here. He does not remember when he first came to the farm. He has sort of always been here.

The last twenty five years Marvin has been in charge, something he is justly proud of. Although his farm has produced great coffee, he remains humble. He is most happy joking around with the pickers and with his boots in the dirt.

As a third generation coffee farmer, Marvin is familiar with how the local market works. Although the C-price is the main driver of all coffee prices around the globe, locally an extra set of dynamics comes in play as well - such as production levels, farmer reputation and amount of buyers on the market. However, Marvin now knows that this system is outdated. As a coffee producer he wants to take control himself and demand prices that do justice to his quality.

This coffee varietal, Maracaturra is a mutation of the Caturra plant which sees the cherries grow larger than ordinary. As a result we are left with huge beans with lots of natural sweetness.

We taste citrus like oranges and lemonade, toffee and florals in what we think is a fantastic filter coffee.

Process: Washed
Altitude: 1350-1380
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Varietal: Maracaturra
Producer: Marvin de Jesus Vargas

Bags hold 250g of whole bean coffee. We recommend letting your coffee rest for at least 4 days prior to brewing. We ship on Thursdays.

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