Huye Mountain

Huye Mountain


This coffee from Lot 0401 on the slopes of Huye Mountain in Southern Rwanda has featured as our key espresso in our shops recently.

Producer David Rubanzangabo is something of a philanthropist, and cares deeply about the smallholder farmers who deliver their coffee to his private washing station. Typically a small holding in the district is just a quarter of a hectare in size, with around 200 trees, which yields about 4kg of cherries per tree.

David’s drive for quality has brought about a big increase in prices for local farmers, some of whom have been awarded success in the Cup of Excellence. Closer to home, David awards members whose coffees carry the highest cupping scores with the prize of a cow or a goat!

We taste stewed plum, cacao and nougat sweetness with a juicy red apple acidity.

Altitude: 1600-2300
Region: Huye District, Southern Rwanda Varietal Bourbon
Producer: David Rubanzangabo

Bags hold 250g of whole bean coffee. We recommend letting your coffee rest for at least 4 days prior to brewing. We ship on Thursdays.

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