The Quilombo farm was inherited from the current producers grandparents. At this point the main rural activity was dairy cattle. In December 2007, after a few years of budgeting, Nizia decided to plant coffee.

The coffee is grown as naturally as possible; during the year most of the fertilisation is with manure of cow and horses, and without much use of chemical fertilisers. Weeding is all conducted by hand and a rural worker helps during the year with several more during the harvest for picking. Ninzia always worried about not polluting the environment, their waters, the pastures yet having quality coffee and believe that their current production allows for this.

Since 2009 Quilombo has been a member of Minasul who imported this coffee for us. In the past many have criticised Ninzia for being a woman and wanting to plant coffee but she feels the activity accomplishes her, especially as it allows her to employ many people during the harvest and leaves the environment much more beautiful.

We taste Clementine, Vanilla, Biscotti Biscuit and Honey. We use this for our milk based drinks in that shop but it has so much juicy clarity saved black also. You may not expect such a versatile and clean coffee from Brazil.

Process: Natural
Altitude: 400-1038 masl
Region: Minas Gerais

Origin: Brazil
Varietal: Acaia
Producer: Nizia Aparecida Silva

Bags hold 250g of whole bean coffee. We recommend letting your coffee rest for at least 4 days prior to brewing. We ship on Thursdays.

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